While walking along the beach looking for sea shells the
Lord spoke to me and said, “I like the broken ones best.”

As I picked up a broken shell and held it in my hand, I
could see in my spirit the journey of the shell being
tossed back and forth by the sea until it was finally
broken into pieces. Yet at the same time I could see that
it was only through the brokenness that the rough edges
became smooth and the inner beauty of the shell was
able to be exposed.
Don’s paintings capture a sliver of God’s creative
masterpiece as interpreted by Don. Textures, colors and
compositions move Don, and he believes this is a gift from

He hopes you are inspired by his paintings to look for God
in every aspect of creation.  
The Story of the Broken Shell
The Broken Shell jewelry is created to remind you that God can use the seas of your journey of life to make the rough edges
smooth and expose your inner beauty for all to see, simply because He likes the broken ones best.
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